Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Glade's first vacation

Glade had her first weekend without her parents this last week. And because I was so worried, my brother and Levi kept sending me pictures of her so I would be more worried or miss her more. But I did enjoy getting them from the boys. Their captions were fantastic.

Her morning meal
Clint and Glade at the Gratto
"...No words to explain" (from Levi)
"This is how we keep her in the yard" (From Clint)
"And learning how to drive" (from Levi)
"Taught her to shoot a bolt action rifle! Yee haw!" (from Levi)
"She surely loves mustard!" (from Levi)
"And riding in the back of the pick up. Eighty the whole way down!" (from Levi)

1 comment:

  1. She looked like she loved it! I bet your family had a blast with her.