Monday, September 8, 2008

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas :)

This past weekend, Blake, Darryl, Nathan, and Rachelle had a Warhammer weekend in Las Vegas. I would have gone, but I gave my ticket to Nathan, and our hotel room only was booked for 4 people, so Glade and I stayed home. It was definitely boring and hard to sleep, but Blake had a lot of fun.
They ate at Hooters, and went to see the Shark exhibit (pics below also). Nathan also got in a little trouble with a bust of a woman ;).
And because Blake was gone all weekend, I didn't sleep very well, but Rachelle brought down Twilight for me to read. So I stayed up till six every morning just reading. She wanted to get my opinion on it, so I read it and I LOVE it. Since she only brought the first one, I went out and bought all four. I finished them today and now that they are over I want to read them again. They are corny and childish but I love them anyway.
Glade was pretty good this weekend without Blake, but we were both sick, so it was kind of a long weekend. She had a fever and a runny nose and she got better before I did, so that also stunk a little. But I am so glad that she loves to play by herself. I don't think I could have lasted if I had to play all day long.
All in all, everyone had a GREAT time. Here are a few of the pictures from the Grand Tournament this year:
He wanted to kiss it
No words...
The three brothers (too bad Curtis couldn't come too)
Darryl and Rachelle
Darryl and Rachelle 2
They found Steve's killer!!
The view from the room (yes, that's piles of trash)
Nathan and his WOMAN
The sharks
Darryl and his army
Tomb Kings

Nathan and his army
Blake and his army
This is Lord Croak (he is a beast)
This is a wooden Necron army! I have never seen one like this before and it is freakin sweet
Constipated or just thinking really hard??

Dragon 1
Some gorgeous High Elves
A beautiful board and army
The coolest dwarves ever. They are fashioned after Rome

Blake again
Blake's army in a fight
Darryl's army
Blake's army and board
Dragon 2 (I think this one looks better. But two games into the tournament, he fell off his legs, so Blake played with just the base and it's legs because the dragon could go "invisible")

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