Friday, September 26, 2008

I've been tagged!!

It seems like this is spreading like wildfire lately. Well, whatever I can do to help! Here are six very random facts about me!

1. I love Romance Novels. You know the ones. People say they are like pornos for the imagination, or amateur porn according to others. I don't know what it is about them, but I absolutely love them. My mom got me into it. Everytime she goes to the store, she buys all the ones she doesn't have, and because they are such easy reads and you can't read them twice, she passes them onto me. I have a HUGE bag in my closet full of them. And everytime I see my mom, she gives me more! Curtis saw my bag of them once and said, "At least your sins are on the outside, unlike mine!" When I read one, I am lost in the world of love and romance and nothing can keep me from it. I will finish one of them in a couple hours and start a new one.

2. I am way too stubborn. I hold grudges forever. Blake hates it about me. When we get in our one fight a month (always on the 27th), I hold onto things and he doesn't. He is ready to talk ten minutes after we finish screaming at each other. I am definitely not like that. I would rather fester for days before I talk things through. I have been working on it, but I think it is just making me more stubborn than usual.

3. When I was pregnant with Glade, I puked at least once everyday from the minute she was conceived until they ripped her from my loins. (I was so sick the weekend the Wii came out, and it was definitely from my child). When I was at work, I was so used to throwing up twice on my shift I would know when it was coming on. I threw up one time and this old lady asked if I was ok. Since I never got very big, you couldn't really tell I was pregnant. I barked at her and told her to mind her own business. I feel bad about it, but come one, let a woman puke in peace!!

4. I am a textaholic. If I am not texting on my phone, I want to be texting someone. People that have felt the wrath of it definitely know what I am talking about (Sorry Mandy and Rachelle...). It is absolutely one of my favorite past times. People say it isn't addicting, but I dare to contradict!!

5. I love sad songs. I don't know what it is about them, but I love that choked up feeling you get when you hear about a women scorned. I think that is why I love country so much. They have the absolute best sad songs. And even if they aren't sad and are completely happy, I still get choked up. I have a playlist on my computer just for sad songs and when Blake is not around, that is all I listen to. It's quite pathetic.

6. I have this deep, unabiding hatred of everything Mozart. When I was in Germany, my piano teacher tried to get me to play something from him and I wanted to kill the man. I just cannot stand his music. It's boring and crap. I know that everyone in the world would contradict me, but he just sucks. It may be because I am a HUGE Beethoven buff, but I don't think that's the only reason. He is just too puffed up. It drives me absolutely bonkers! I guess it is kind of like how Led Zepplin is the cool thing now. That's how Mozart is to me. He is just too big for his music.

Well, hope you enjoy!! I tag Jill, Valerie, and Judith!!


  1. Ok, we need to get something straight here. Led Zeppelin is not overrated! I know it's big to like them now, but what about people like me who have loved them since infancy? I have been a HUGE Zeppelin fan since I can remember. So I hate being classified in that bandwagon. Ok, there is my little rant. I am done. Oh and I love experiencing the "wrath" of your texting addiction!

  2. I didn't mean that it is overrated. Everyone knows them, but they only know one song. Real fans of Zepplin are awesome. My beef is with people that go with the flow, you know?