Monday, September 22, 2008

Babies and Pregnancy

Rachelle and I were talking today about our hair. She just got a haircut, so it was definitely a graduating conversation. We started talking about how our hair has changed since we had babies. I decided it was a good time to post some pre and post baby pics of me. I don't take many pictures, so consider these very rare!!

And looking at these pictures has made me realize how much I miss my long hair.... :(

(FYI: I have shaved my head twice...once when I was 19 weeks pregnant, and then once when Glade was about six months old)

Thespian Society Induction (May 2005)
Senior Pics (2005)
June 2007 (Three weeks before I had Glade)
Rachelle's baby shower (5 months post baby) --Aimee, Rachelle, and Glade are in the pic too ;)--

Glade's Birthday Party (1 year after baby)


  1. One year after having a baby and besides your hair being short, you look exactly the same as your senior picture! I can't belive it. Did Blake rob the craddle or what?

  2. nah, my boobs are smaller now!! ;) And it is only five years...could be worse, right?