Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The genes have definitely passed down

As you all know, Blake and I are very video game and geek oriented. Well, both of us have been very into Super Paper Mario lately. (Fantastic game, btw...) Whenever we play, we have to give Glade a controller too or she feels left out. We figured she would end up being a geek, but we didn't realize it would hit so fast. She has been chewing on the nunchuk controllers, so we give her a game cube controller that got syrup in the button so it doesn't work, but she spots the fakes, so it is good we have a real one she can have.

I was sitting playing the game today, and I gave Glade her GC controller. She gripped it in two hands, and she used her thumbs to move the two joysticks!! She stared at the screen the entire time she did it, and she thought she was moving Mario. I have never been prouder of my daughter. Sure she can walk and talk a little, but this is the greatest day of her life so far. She has figured out dual joysticks.

Now, a lot of you are probably laughing and rolling your eyes as you read this, but I couldn't be more serious. She will beat Metroid at three.... I am just sure of it! She already has the Wii mote down pat, and now she has the GC controller, too. She is coming along very nicely!!

If only you guys could truly see mine and Blake's excitement, then you would understand.

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