Monday, September 15, 2008

Life sucks

So, this morning I was woken up by my phone ringing. I didn't recognize the number so I ignored the call so it would just go to voicemail. I fell back asleep happy that I started my new job tomorrow and all of our money issues would be no more.

Well, the voicemail was left and I listened to it. It was my new employer calling! I figured I got the days wrong about when I started and she wanted me there today instead of tomorrow.

How wrong I was. The company in Salt Lake wants everyone to downsize. And since I was their new hire, it was just easier to let me go since I hadn't started yet. So, I am now unemployed and it was the perfect job. 40 hours a week at $9 an hour. It solved our money problems and life was good.

So now, I am looking for more work, and i don't care what it is anymore. So if anyone hears of anything, please let me know!!

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