Sunday, September 21, 2008

My climbing monkey

Glade has figured out how to climb. She can climb onto the bed, the couch, over the baby gate, into the tub....I didn't think it would get this far though.

Yesterday Glade climbed onto the TV stand... She had never done it before and I though she knew it was off limits. I guess not. She had a blast on there, and I had to take a picture before I got her down. But the problem is, now that she knows she can get up there, that's the only place she wants to be. It's driving me to drink (almost).

Here are two pictures of her on the tv stand. (Disclaimer: She is naked in the first one, mainly because she had just taken a bath, and for a few minutes after she gets out, I let her walk around naked cuz she LOVES it. And the second, she is wearing a diaper, but we are not white trash. Our apartment has no air conditioning and it is stifling during the day. If we put clothes on her, sometimes she gets a heat rash, and it's easier to let her just wear a diaper).

Picture One: She is just sitting there

Picture Two: She has learned how to get to the DVDs she couldn't reach before.



  1. Okay, so in that second picture, I'm kinda afraid she's going to fall and crack her head open.

  2. Ha ha. I promise she didn't. She has really good balance for a baby. Plus, her head is so hard she hasn't hurt it yet ;)

  3. I love the one where it looks like her arm is missing. The naked baby with no arm climbed up the tv stand.

  4. Ah! She DOES look like she's missing an arm in that picture. That's really funny. Cute little girl, though.