Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is slowing down time too much to ask?

Everyday I wake up, get ready for work, kiss my baby good-bye and then see her again 8 hours later.

I swear, in just that 8 hours everyday, she learns 10 new things!!

It doesn't help that she is 18 months old and is catching onto everything the first time you show it to her, but still...

Which is one of the reasons I was so excited to take last Saturday off paid. PTO is truly a beautiful thing. I was able to be with her as she learned new things during the entire weekend without a lull or something coming up. It was absolutely fantastic!

When we went to IKEA, we got her new bowls, cups, and silverware for her to use since we didn't have anything really "toddler" friendly yet. When we got home and opened the bowls and cups, she took right to them. It amazed me!!

And now she refuses to drink from her sippy cup except for bed time since she has her new "big girl" cups. And if she spills them on herself, even if it is just a drop, she looks at it and gets really upset. It is so adorable. You have to go up to her and give her a hug and tell her it's ok, and then she will finally drink from her cup again without crying. You could say it is annoying, but I think it is just plain cute.

I just don't think it's very fair that she is growing up this fast. It seems like just yesterday we were in the hospital worried about her breathing and wondering if she was going to be ok. And now all she does is run around causing havoc everywhere she goes!

Why can't time just stand still for one day so I can enjoy her before she gets any older...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Our fun weekend

This last weekend, we went up to Clinton for Claire's baby blessing. It was so much fun.

We met Nick and Mandy at IKEA (greatest place ever!!) and shopped around for a bit. We got these really cool DVD racks. They screw into your wall, so now Glade can't get to our movies!! We ate dinner at the IKEA diner, saw my cousin Kasey, and then went to Mandy's apartment for the night and next day.

We chilled and shopped and watched Glade chase Michael and Michael chase Glade and had a pretty good time!

Saturday night was the blessing and Glade ran around so much she was exhausted by 8 pm. They did family pictures after the blessing and the minute they were about to take the picture, Glade would run into the picture and pose so they would have to get her out and try again. But the minute they set her up to do her pictures, of course she didn't want any of that!

After the blessing we drove to Alpine and stayed there for the night. The next day we went to get Wii Play for Pam (it has the extra controller and the game, so it's TOTALLY worth it) and we went to 2 Walmarts, a Best Buy, a Target, and 3 Game Stores before we found it. And the store that finally had it also had Wii Fit, so we got that too! We had been playing it most of the weekend since Mandy and Pam have it, and we fell in love with it!

Sunday night we had dinner with Ray and Pam and invited Bowden and his new GF, Mary, over for dinner. It was a lot of fun just chilling most of the day and relaxing.

Glade eating her Potatoe Soup while lounging in her chair
We left Alpine at about 8:30 pm, right in the middle of the big storm. It took us 4 1/2 hours just to get back to Cedar! There was one 20 mile strip of the entire drive that was clear of snow and rain and everything so we were able to finally go at least 70! Most of the drive was only at about 40 or 45 mph. We got KILLER gas mileage thought!! (From Nephi to Cedar (176 miles) we only used less than a quarter tank!

And of course when we got home, Glade saw Ridley and decided it was time to play and have fun. We finally settled her down enough to get her to sleep at about 2, but Ridley was so excited to see us, he kept us up all night. It was great he missed us, but dang....
It was a really fun weekend!
(Below is a picture of Glade working out... She says she's getting a little chubby ;) )

Glade loves the Wii Fit. She stands on it, does headstands on it, and just loves pointing the Wii mote at the TV while playing it

Monday, January 19, 2009

Glade's 18 Month Appointment

Now, just so you can get the full effect here, I have to describe everything before I get to her actual stats as far as weight and such.

Her appointment was scheduled for 3:45 so we showed up at 3:30 to check in. The entire place is crammed. Glade normally loves other kids, but this time all she did was cling to my leg.
Not the best start.

The minute we go back to get her weighed and to a room, she freaks. She won't stand on the scale, so we have to have her sit on the baby one, then she kept squirming so we had to do it really fast so she didn't know what was happening.

Then the minute we got to the room and she saw the table, she freaked again. The nurse took her temperature, then listened to her heart. Glade was not happy the whole time.

So we had her lie down on the table to be measured and she did not want even a shred of that. We did it as fast as we could but she was beat red and wasn't breathing she was crying so hard.

And of course, we had to do a hemoglobin test (a test to see if her iron is high enough. They prick a finger for a drog of blood). This is the first visit we have had to the doctors where she has not had a binky and she did not like getting her finger pricked.

Once the nurse left, I let Glade down off my lap, took the bandaid off her finger and she was happy as a clam as long as it was just the two of us in the room....

About 15 mintues later (at about 4 o'clock) she decides to poop. And since we are potty training her, everytime she poops, she grabs her diaper and says "uh-oh". It's really great since she knows what she is doing, but I didn't bring any diapers or wipes with me since I didn't think we would be there too long. And of course this was the poop where it leaks out EVERYWHERE......


As the poop is slowly seeping out of her diaper onto her clothes and smells just like rotten eggs, the doctor comes in.

I don't fault him for coming in an hr and 15 minutes later... He is transfering a baby to Primary Children's so I totally understand how much of a hassle that can be. I just hate how this is the one time she poops and I didn't have a diaper to change her into.

He checks her out, says she is doing great and doesn't need shots this visit, and lets us go.

Now I have the joy of putting her pants back on, the whole time trying to keep my hands out of the poop seeping slowly out of the diaper without having much luck. I finally get her dressed and since the doctor had to undo her diaper while checking her out, the stickiness is losing quality so it is slowly sliding off her body.

By the time we get to the car, her pants and my jacket are completely soaked through. I couldn't be happier.........

But anywho....

She is doing very great. She can say around 20 words now (most of them are "b" words) so she is above the curve for her age, which is great! He says there are no signs of autism so that's not a worry.

She is 19 pounds 2 ounces (0 percent), 30.5 inches long (25 percent), and her head is 47 cm (75 percent). All around they aren't worried since she is staying pretty consistant. And they say they aren't going to be bothered by how small she is since she is staying on the same curve instead of dropping.

So all in all, a pretty good visit, except for the dreaded poop......

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My encounter...

Friday night, at about 11 pm, I am sitting at home after putting Glade in bed talking to Blake on the phone since he is at work until midnight.
All of the sudden, my front door knob starts to shake and it sounds like someone is trying to get into my house. I am so thankful I locked the deadbolt after Blake went to work at 4 pm...
Since I was on the phone with Blake, I was able to stay a little bit more calm than otherwise, but it still scared me to death. And he was so worried he made sure to text me every minute till he got home just to make sure.
And it's not the first time this has happened. Right after we got Blake's guns back from his grandparents, at about 3 in the morning, someone starts pounding on the door and shaking it really hard. I heard it first and bolted upright. I ran and got Glade, brought her into bed with us, and then woke Blake. We sat in bed for a minute and the shaking happened again. He went into the living room while I cuddled my baby thinking someone was coming to kill us.
He comes back into the bedroom with his guns and takes them out of the case. He gave me a hug and said he didn't see anyone, but he was going to stay up for a while just to be on the safe side.
It hadn't happened since until tonight... And of course Blake was at work and I have never shot a gun in my life....
I took Glade and Ridley into my room and kept all of us locked in until Blake came home.
You can call me a coward, but there was no way I was going to sit in the living room waiting for someone to break through the door coming to kill me. (And this is probably from all the Stephen King novels I've been reading....)
But give me two months and I'll be laughing about this.

Friday, January 16, 2009


A couple weeks ago, we got Glade a potty and we keep it in the living room so she can get used to it. She watches TV on it, and plays on it all the time.

Well, normally after her bath, I let her run around naked for a little while. She loves it and I love seeing how happy she is doing it.


She was running around naked, then all the sudden she got this look on her face. She looked around, then went running to her potty. She sat down, peed, and then went on her way!

When she did it, I started crying, then she laughed at me. And now I know she won't do this again for a very long time. I think she did it because she wanted to prove she could, all the while keeping her stubborness ha ha.

I am so stinking proud!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Glade's extra special Christmas Present

Every time we got to my parent's house for the weekend, Glade has an absolutely blast with all the animals. And this last time when we came home, she would wander the house saying "Blue" (the name of her favorite cat there) and then get upset if she couldn't find him. So, for Christmas, we thought we would surprise her with a kitty of her own!!

I asked around and finally my friend Misty found us a kitten that was still in Cedar City after Christmas. We went to the shelter and he was absolutely perfect! They told us he had a little hissing problem, but that's easily fixable. We got him and brought him home. And the best part is that when we got him home, he hasn't hissed except when Buddy (Aimee's dog) came.

Glade was so excited!! They wouldn't go near each other for the first two hours, but now they are inseperable.

He is about 3 months old, black and white, and he has these two freckles on his nose. He is adorable. We named him Ridley (Samus' arch enemy. Samus is our cat we got for our wedding my parents have now).

Glade and him play hide and seek, tag, and they take naps together.

She hates when he is put in a room without her when company comes over or something else, but she gets over it pretty quick once he's back in the open.

It was the most perfect gift we could have gotten her.

Glade and Ridley waiting for Blake to get home
Taking a nap

The night we got him. He is super cuddly and she just loved to look at him

She fell asleep in his carrier!! It was pretty funny

We have his cat food and litter box in the bathroom with the gate up, and while he was eating she climbed up the gate to watch and giggle at him. Needless to say, we have turned the gate around so she can't climb on the bar

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kal El's Real Daddy

Superman is the epitomy of a super hero, because everything he does is super. He is super fast, super smart, and super good, always upholding the law, letting the criminals know while they will never be punished forcefully, they will go to jail time after time on his watch.

He is pretty much the perfect man.

Or is he?

If you look back in the 1970's, you'll find that Christopher Reeves was trained to be the Man of Steel by the original bad ass in the black cape.

Yes folks, you guessed right. Darth Vader himself.

You heard me right. Superman's real daddy was also Luke's daddy. Coinsidence? I think not.

And it explains a few things about Superman. Deep down in his center, he is using the dark side of the force. Think about it. Siths always have some sort of extra super power that Jedi's don't. Most of them shoot lightning. Superman doesn't need lightning however, because he can shoot LASER BEAMS out of his eyes.

And have you ever wondered why Lex Luther is bald? Darth Vader has the ability to crush someone's throat with his mind. But since Superman has to appear good, he sticks it to Lex the most ruthless way possible. Lex will go to his grave bald and shiny. Not exactly the best chick magnet.

In addition, everyone says Superman is the perfect gentleman. But let's face it, the only reason he never asks a girl what color underwear she has on is because he can see them anyway!! (Think about that when you see a guy checking you out on the street next time...)

And let's face it. In the last movie, he even has a bastard child.

In short, we have discovered Superman's real kryptonite.

His dark side.