Thursday, September 25, 2008

She takes after her dad

Glade is so much like her father. It is crazy how alike they are. She doesn't like to be with him if I am home anymore, but she loves having him home so he can play with her. I used to be so jealous, because she used to only want him. But I guess that is the good side of me not working for almost two months. She now only wants me.

The first picture we have of Blake and Glade. It is the day after she was born and he got to hold her after they pulled her out of me. He got to carry her to the nursery while they finished with me. He was so worried about her. When they transfered her, he couldn't watch them prick and poke her because it made him so upset.
However, she mimiks Blake in everything he does. Yesterday, she picked up Blake's Pallette and his paintbrush and dipped the brush in it and then pretended to paint a piece of paper. Blake looked so proud. And she took the pen he was using (we then switched it to her new crayons) and she drew her first picture!! Blake says she is going to be an artist, and I said ok, as long as she goes to Yale!


Her favorite pjs. Of course it's Batman!!

It's amazing the thoughts you have when you have children. I am planning her future. Even though she will probably not do anything like it, I love to do it. I want her to have a great education, and I want her to be so happy. If she goes to Yale, that would be the coolest thing EVER!! We will never be able to afford how expensive it is, but it is a nice dream.

When she is not mimiking Blake, she has her baby doll with her everywhere. Lately, she had started to feed her baby with her sippy cup like we would hold Rebecka and give her a bottle. So when we were at Walmart, we bought her the toy baby bottles. She absolutely loves them! She picks up her baby, sits in her chair, holds her like a baby, and feeds her her bottle.

Feeding her baby, or her version of it

Taking a snack herself

Everything she does is a perfect version of Blake. Even her tantrums are just like Blake's. It is absolutely adorable!

Glade playing the Old School Godzilla with her dad

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