Saturday, September 20, 2008

My latest thrill!

Monday, we were faced with the decision of what movies to get next from Netflix. I had already picked two out of the three, so I told Blake he got to pick the last one. He told me to get October Sky since I had never seen it.

Blake had to work today, and Glade fell asleep, so I figured I would watch it while I had some free time. Blake didn't tell me anything about it, except that "The one boy you like from 'The Day After Tomorrow' is trying to build a rocket." So I went into this movie with no assumptions. ( I didn't even read a synopsis!! Crazy, I know... )

If you like feel good movies, you have to see this one. You get upset about half way through, but it gets better after that point and you can't turn away or turn it off.

And this doesn't mean anything to some people, but I bawled like a little baby from the middle until the end. It is that good. (But, I cry in commercials of puppies, so don't take that as for how good the movie is). But I definitely recommend this movie to anyone that is wondering what movie they are going to rent for date night after the kids go to sleep. --There is some swearing, so if that bothers you, it's not a movie for you. It doesn't swear often, but it does swear --

When we get enough to buy this movie, it is definitely getting added to our movie inventory!!

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