Sunday, September 28, 2008

My latest crafts

Lately, I have been crocheting like a madwoman. I have half a spiral full of patterns (our printer doesn't work, so I am just copying them down in my notebook). I have never finished so many things in my life! I normally get half through something and then quit, but I guess not being employed has its perks. I have just been using the leftover yarn i have around my house and making all sorts of awesome stuff!! Here are a few of my finished projects!! Let me know what you think!
These are like loofas but for your dishes!! They are with the dishcloths below
The two bookmarks I have made. The rainbow one just needs its ribbons to be finished
The baby blanket for Mandy (if it is a girl). I am working on the one if it is a boy still
The blessing dress and diaper cover for our next girl (I had a cute pattern and had to make it!!) The only thing left on this is the buttons in the back and the ribbon around the middle of the dress
The blessing TUX for our first boy (unless we get Blake's blessing outfit...). I haven't done the pants yet, but I will finish them shortly. The only think this still needs is two buttons and a lapel pin
A baby mitten. It matches the girl's dress
Our doily that our cake topper sits on top of. I'm way proud of it
My washcloths. I am doing these for someone for Christmas, and these were the first two I finished. They turned out awesome!!


  1. Wow Kayce! You are so talented. I really wish I could crochet like you.

  2. I am very impressed! I can do basic stuff, but to read a pattern is like a reading in a foreign language. You have a great talent.