Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A constantly changing life

I can't believe how everyday Glade gets different. I never realize how much she has changed until I see something she does that I have never seen before and realize I didn't teach it to her.

She can say so many words it's crazy. She doesn't say them very often, but she knows more than I am sure of. Her favorite is still baby, but it is slowing losing its coolness to her. She now loves to say "Hey Kitty" to Ada and to anyone that comes in the door as she points at Ada. They have become fast friends. Glade will pretend she is sleeping on the floor to get Ada's attention and Ada will jump on her head and Glade will run away giggling. They chase each other for hours. I was worried it would never happen, but I am so glad it did!

When we put Glade to bed at night, we read her a story, then she turns off her light and sits down and folds her arms and looks at us expectantly. It's definitely a good reminder to me! And it helps that it is completely adorable. After she hears the word "Amen" she throws her arms in the air and giggles and says "Bed". It's pretty stinking cute.

Every morning we wake her up to get her dressed so Blake can drive me to work. The minute we get in the car she points ahead and giggles. I get out of the car at work and she waves and says "Bye bye". Some days she cries, but most days she is really cute and tells me bye. I love every minute of it.

She is the greatest climber I have ever seen. She has taught herself to climb over the baby gate, never when Blake is home, but she does it all the time with me. It drives me crazy. We have the cat food and litter in our extra room and she climbs the gate to put all the food in the water and eat the cat litter. And that is my genius child ha ha. She also can climb onto everything within sight. If her hands can reach it, she can climb up to it. She pulled herself up onto our window sill with just her arms. She was very proud, then she got really mad when I took her down.

Brenda has been teaching her songs. The one Glade loves to hear is "The Wheels on the Bus". For about a week Glade would raise her arms in the air and swing them side to side. I had no idea what she was doing. Then I saw Brenda doing the song and motions and I realized it. She is doing the windshield wipers! She won't do them when you sing with her, but she does them by herself. The one she will do with you is when the mommy's say "Shhhh". She loves to put her finger to her mouth and blow, making the "shhh" sound. When I tell her to be quiet in church, she yells at me, then when I go to tell her to be quiet, she will look at me and tell me to "shh". It's so funny I can't help but laugh, and I know that can't be good for a learning child ha ha.

I feel so bad for the people that sit behind us in church. Glade plays with them through all of Sacrament Meeting and they love every minute of it. And when I tell her no, she looks at me and says "shh". Sometimes it gets old ha ha.

Mandy's son Michael also taught her tons of little tricks when they were here. She now says the "g" sound all the time. She can also open the fridge, which is a big NEGATIVE! She took all the hot dogs out of the fridge and proceeded to eat a bite out of all of them, then she put them back before we noticed. Then when we went to eat them, they had little Glade teeth marks all over them. It was good stuff.

She can also count to two. When she goes to jump off the couch, or open the door to go outside, she will say "One, Two" then do it. She doesn't like the concept of waiting until "Three" to do anything.

When we change her diaper, we will hand it to her and she will throw it away. We had to buy a trash can with a lid because of the cat, but she learned how to open and close it and so she throws her diaper away and then comes back for a high five. I am super proud!

She knows all of her body parts. Which I am super proud of. Her favorite is her belly button, I think it is because she can say it, and loves to lift her shirt and point it out to you. And the way she says it with a gleam in her eye makes it all the sweeter.

She also learned how to look like a fish. Where you suck your lips in and look like a fish... probably didn't need to explain lol. I didn't know she could do it until we were at church and she was doing it to Caleb.

She also does Blake's faces perfectly. We will be in Walmart and she will just turn and glare at some random person. Then when they give her that surprised look, she will bust up laughing and when the person she was glaring at laughs, she stops and glares again. It is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I feel bad that these random people are getting my husband's spawn's glares, but I think it is pretty comical.

She is still a completely book baby. She will sit for hours with her baby doll on her lap and read her stories. It is so cute to hear her talk and tell the story to her little baby like we do to her. Then when the book is over, she will rock the baby to sleep, put it to bed, then tell us to "shh" so she can sleep. And she hates being away from even one of her baby dolls. This includes all of her stuffed animals and babies. She has over 15. We bring 2 with us when we go anywhere, but of course they aren't the two she wants at that moment. Ever.

At Dollar Tree they had Coca Cola glasses. The thick ones that I absolutely love. We bought some for us, then we saw little baby ones. We got one for Glade and she absolutely loves it. She carries it around with her so she can have whatever we are drinking when we drink it. She rarely spills anymore, and it is so great. Her favorite thing to drink in it is Root Beer. She looks at the bubbles and giggles, then she drinks a little and does it all again.

This last weekend we went with Brenda and Caleb to her parent's house, and I got to see Glade with a couple kids her age. There are two little girls, one a little younger and one a little older than Glade. She is the tiniest. It amazes me how little she is, but she looks so big to me when she is alone.

She has grown tremendously since her last doctor's app. We had to get her into 18 month pants, and now she is consistantly in 12 month shirts. They are still a little big, but she has a long torso so anything smaller shows her belly.

I just can't believe how fast she is growing. It seems like yesterday I was barely pregnant, then she was in the hospital. I can't believe it has already been 20 months since she was born. It flies by way too fast.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The First Haircut!!

Glade is 20 months old, and I still can't believe it. It seems time passed way too fast.

And, her hair is coming in super fast lately. The back has always been a lot longer than the top and such, and it did look like a mullet. But, my daughter has such curly hair that it would curl, but then she would sit in a car seat or something and it would become a tangled mess.

So, when my parents were in town today, my mom said I should cut the back, that way it gets all the split ends and makes the hair even and now it should grow faster.

When we got home, I did just that. I got the back wet, and I cut an inch off her hair. It actually looks kind of like a cute little bob hair cut now! It's pretty adorable! Instead of the ringlet curls, it curls around her face (well, her ears and neck) and it looks so cute!

Considering this is my first haircut I have given with scissors, I did a pretty good job!

My daughter's hair

Right after we cut it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I got home from work Monday, and I was already exhausted. The minute I walk in, Blake rushes up and says 'Three of our Wii games won't play!' in that voice of his....

So, even though I only wanted to take a nap, I walked to the Wii and tried to make them work.
Needless to say, a half hour later I was already getting more and more frustrated since it was now not playing any games. The Wii wouldn't even spin the games.

Caleb and Brenda stopped by while I was in the middle of this (sorry!) and I was pretty upset by that time. So I decided to take the stupid system apart.

So, I get a screwdriver and start to open it, hoping it is just some dust on the system I need to blow off. But, Nintendo has placed Y shape screws on all the important joints. And I couldn't unscrew them with the stuff I had.

As I was more and more frustrated as the minutes dragged on, I decided to go to Nintendo's website and see if they had solutions.

It gave me a number to call, and knowing what it is like to be screamed at over the phone, I calmed down and let the lady know what was going on.

Before I could say that it froze during Metroid 3, she butted in and asked if it did it during Metroid 3. I was astounded. (This was after going through the TTY and learning there is an entire group dedicated just to Super Smash Brothers Brawl problems...)

She was so nice and we tried a home fix, but nothing worked.

So, our Wii has to be sent in for repairs. Since we got it when it came out, the factory year warrantee is expired, so in total it will be $85 to fix. Which includes shipping, all the parts they would need, and a year warrantee when it comes back. Not a bad price.

We are just upset that our system that is supposed to work forever is broken, and our 360, that is supposed to have problem after problem is working like a cherry...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Watchmen

"The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout 'save us!'....and I'll look down and whisper, 'no.' "

I'm sure most of you have seen the commercials about this movie, but most of you probably won't go see it.
Blake had to read the graphic novel for one of his classes and he had to go see the movie. So, we got tickets for the opening day matinee and went and saw it.
Thursday, I asked Blake what it was about. He told me it was too complex to explain, so he handed me the graphic novel and told me to read it if I wanted to know before I saw the movie.
I started it when I got to work Friday. Now, this graphic novel is 500 pages long in total. And I know that it isn't the same as reading a 500 page book, but in graphic novels, you have to look at the pictures while reading and get the image in your head. It isn't something you just let your mind see. They are definitely more complex than people give them credit for.
I finished the novel with about 10 minutes to spare before I got off eight and a half hours later.
It's genius.
It is about superheroes, but they are just regular people that want to fight crime in a costume. They train their bodies to be able to fight and such, but they are just normal people.
It starts out with one of the main superheroes getting killed. It is a little more than 10 years after they outlawed all 'masks' as they call them, but if you work for the government you can still go about saving the world. It takes place during the cold war, and it has escaled more than it truly did.
Nixon is President for the 3rd term, because he was able to actually win Vietnam. He sent in Dr. Manhattan (the blue guy... he can't die. He can take things apart with his mind, put them together, warp places... he's a real superhero, like we think of them today) and he finished the Vietnam War in ten minutes.
Again, the comic is genius.
The Cold War is getting progressively worse, being pushed more and more towards actual Nuclear War. Everyone is terrified, even the superheroes.
People go nuts. There are riots, people are killed, and the superheroes decide to come back and do something about it.
The movie changed the ending, but I actually thought the movie ending was a little better than the novel ending.
(I know this post probably doesn't make much sense, but I would suggest reading the novel if you are against Rated R movies. If not, go see the movie. You won't be disappointed).
The novel isn't up to par with my favorite graphic novel author, but it is pretty close. Some of the things he thinks up, it baffles me with how true it is.
So, I completely and totally recommend seeing this movie. It is made by the same person that did 300, and it is on the same level of awesomeness. GO SEE IT!

Monday, March 2, 2009

De Blob

Now, before you think I'm too geeky or childish, I have to make something perfectly clear.

When I was waiting tables last summer, the husband of THQ's vice president was one of the bikers that rode through. I always wore Blake's mario belt buckle to work, because it got me higher tips and it was just freaking sweet looking on me. So, this man started the conversation with me by asking if I was truly a game fan, or just wearing that for the conversation starters. We got talking and him and his friends were my only table at the time so I was able to chat with them before their food was up.

They gave me a LARGE tip when they left, and when they paid, he came up to me and said, "Kayce, I have just one tip for you besides this. My wife is the vice president of THQ, and they have an AWESOME game coming out this September. It's called De Blob. I have already played it since she gets all the beta testings and such, and I absolutely loved it. So, take this tip money, save it, then buy it when it comes out."
Needless to say I didn't buy the game when it came out... Should have, but didn't.
But today, I did!
It is an absolutely blast! The bad guys are the Inkies, and they took the color out of the world. What you are trying to do is put the color back before getting captured. You have missions and things you can go on to get more time and to get more points. I have only played 3 levels, but it is so fun I had to stop to tell everyone how fun it is.
SOOOOO, if you have a Wii, and $40 extra dollars just sitting around (yes, $40, not $50), go buy De Blob. You will not regret it!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Fashion Show!

Today we did a fashion show with Glade as the number one model. Considering she's a toddler and always on the go, the couple shots we got are pretty good.

Without further ado, here she is!

Glade and Ada, definitely getting better every day
I don't think there are any words for this

In her pretty dress

She flopped and said she was done....

This one wasn't from the fashion show, but it was cute anyway...