Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm just amazed....

Blake and I were talking about banned books the other day. In his English class, they were discussing how America is AWFUL at it. But, this girl did not know that in Europe, banning books is actually something they do more regularly than we do. And people follow it. If a book is banned, you don't find it anywhere. Mein Kampf in German has been banned and you cannot find it in it's original language anywhere. It's sad, but welcome to what happens after your country turns from being Nazi's.

So, I went online and looked up a little list of all the banned books in the world. You would be amazed at what books are on the list. Here is a little taste for ya:

-Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland : Banned in China for anthropomorphized animals acting on the same level as humans (How gay is that??!!)

-Black Beauty : Banned in South Africa for using the word 'black' in the title (oh my....)

-The Catcher in the Rye : Challenged and removed from several schools in the USA because the main character exhibits behavior deemed "inappropriate" (there are no words...)

-Clan of the Cave Bear: Challenged at the Berrien Springs, Mich. High School for its use in classrooms and libraries (1988), Banned from the Cascade Middle School library in Eugene, Oreg. (1992), Challenged, but retained on the Moorpark High School recommended reading list in Simi Valley, Calif. (1993), despite objections that it contains "hardcore graphic sexual content." (This is one of my favorite books. The sex in it shows the time period they lived in...)

-The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm : Restricted to sixth through eighth grade classrooms at the Kyrene, Ariz. elementary schools (1994) due to its excessive violence, negative protrayals of female characters, and anti-Semitic references. (These fairy tales are awesome because they are realistic....)

-The Da Vinci Code : Banned in Lebanon after Catholic leaders deemed it offensive to Christianity (As if anyone really listens to the Catholic leadership about a fictional book...)

- Fahrenheit 451 : This book is about censorship and those who ban books for fear of creating too much individualism and independent thought. In late 1998, this book was removed from the required reading list of the West Marion High School in Foxworth, Mississippi. A parent complained of the use of the words "God damn" in the book. Subsequently, the superintendent instructed the the teacher to remove the book from the required reading list. (I love this book. It shows what happens when you ban books. People need help)

-The Grapes of Wrath : Banned in many places in the US. In the region of California in which it was set, it was banned because it made the residents of this region look bad (Some people don't know when to give up)

-The Harry Potter Series : Banned in the United States and Germany for "paganism" and "witchcraft". (Sometimes the ultra Christian people are so stupid...)

-James and the Giant Peach : Challenged at the Deep Creek Elementary School in Charlotte Harbor, Fla. (1991) because it is "not appropriate reading material for young children." Challenged at the Pederson Elementary School in Altoona, Wis. (1991) and at the Morton Elementary School library in Brooksville, Fla. (1992) because the book contains the word "ass" and "promotes" the use of drugs (tobacco, snuff) and whiskey. Removed from classrooms in Stafford County, Va. Schools (1995) and placed in restricted access in the library because the story contains crude language and encourages children to disobey their parents and other adults. (I really can't believe this one.... it's like when people spoke out against ET... come one now)

-The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe : Challenged in the Howard County, Md. school system (1990) because it depicts "graphic violence, mysticism, and gore." I'm sure the school system would rather have its children reading something which adheres to "good Christian values." (Maybe they didn't know it was about Christ....)

-The Little House on the Prairie : Challenged at the Lafourche Parish elementary school libraries in Thibodaux, La. (1993) because the book is "offensive to Indians." Banned in the Sturgis, S. Dak. elementary school classrooms (1993) due to statements considered derogatory to Native Americans. ("Offensive to Indians" .... good gravy...)

-Of Mice and Men : Due to vulgar language and use of the word "nigger" (Black people can call each other that, but we can't use it in a classic novel)

-To Kill a Mockingbird : This novel has been challenged quite a lot due to its racial themes. Challenged--and temporarily banned--in Eden Valley, Minn.(1977); Challenged at the Warren, Ind. Township schools (1981), because the book "represents institutionalized racism under the guise of 'good literature'." After unsuccessfully banning the novel, three black parents resigned from the township human relations advisory council. Banned from the Lindale, Tex. advanced placement English reading list (1996) because the book "conflicted with the values of the community." (You are freakin kidding me right?)

-Ulysses : Challenged and temporarily banned in the US for its sexual content. Ban overturned in United States v. One Book Called Ulysses. (Even if the book has a very sexual dream in it, that doesn't mean it needs to be don't see people banning romance novels)

-Uncle Tom's Cabin : Banned in the Southern States and Tzarist Russia. Challenged by the NAACP for allegedly racist portrayal of African Americans and the use of the word nigger (Are you kidding me?? "ALLEGEDLY"??? And why is it banned in Tzarist Russia?)

-Where the Sidewalk Ends : Challenged at the West Allis-West Milwaukee, Wis. school libraries (1986) because the book "suggests drug use, the occult, suicide, death, violence, disrespect for truth, disrespect for legitimate authority, rebellion against parents." Challenged at the Central Columbia School District in Bloomsburg, Pa. (1993) because a poem titled "Dreadful" talks about how "someone ate the baby." (...........)

There are no words for my shock and dismay... People in the world are so stupid. If you want to ban books, live in a country where you don't have FREE SPEECH!!


  1. Why don't we just ban the history of the entire earth, Afterall, It's filled with violence, sex and racism. Isn't the point to learn from the past so we can make a better life in the future? So many wonderful books are on that list! It's ridiculous!

  2. Ya. It is ridiculous what some parents want to hide from their children. I learned the 'F' word in 1st grade.... and they want to protect their kids from the word 'nigger' and 'goddamn'. It's freakin ridiculous. But my favorite reason for banning a book has to be because it said 'black' in the title.