Friday, September 26, 2008

If Blake was dead...

So, I have been thinking lately who I would remarry if Blake died. After watching The Office last night, I have narrowed it down to two people.

Dwight K Schrute: He is just too funny not to have around. He knows everything about Bears, which is definitely a plus, and he is completely self-relient. It is the perfect combination. Plus, it would be so easy to piss him off!! I would just take a page out of Jim's book!!
And Jim Halpert: He comes up with the best pranks. They just slay me!! Plus, he has the cutest best friend. Pam is definitely a hottie. He is the number two at the branch, so he has a good income. And, I would have a first hand look at him making Dwight miserable!
All in all, it is definitely a tough choice!! Good thing Blake won't die for awhile, huh...


  1. I haven't watched the season premiere yet! Hopefully I'll have time to watch it online tonight.

    Interesting analysis. I gotta say, for me, there's no contest between Dwight and Jim. Jim wins every time.

  2. I would go for Michael Scott myself. He is easily manipulated and would do whatever I wanted him to do. I could be the next Jan! mwuah ha ha! (evil laugh) Jim reminds me to much of my brother and that would be weird.