Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The genes continued...

After I posted the first part of this blog last night, (I didn't realize it would be a two-parter at the time) Blake had made a surprise for me in the bedroom. He had set up our 64 and put my favorite game in for me to play, Pokemon Puzzle League (it is like a faster paced version of Bedazzled). I love games like that.

Well, because he had put this game in for me, he did his homework with me in the bedroom. After he was finished, he got his SP and started playing The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (great game btw). He went to go do something while it went through the beginning story and Glade climbed on the bed and picked up his game.

The intro story ended and Glade actually started playing the game. She got into some cave with monsters and didn't die, despite the fact she didn't have the sword yet. She was so happy doing it I couldn't take it away from her. When Blake came back, he just smiled at her and she smiled back. It was the cutest moment I have ever seen.

To put it all in perspective, she is doomed to geekdom...


  1. "she is doomed to geekdom..."
    Duh, just look at the socks :-)
    She is still pretty cute even though her mamma dresses her funny.

  2. I overheard Blake bragging about her to Darryl on the phone today. He is definatly proud! She is so funny and LOVES to be like her parents. Teagan loves the gameboy cuz he figured out it lights up and makes noises. Ooooo.