Friday, October 17, 2008

The definitive example

My daughter is the definitive example of what happens when you tell a child no. We were practicing pointing to body parts and I asked her where her nose was. She pointed to her ear, so I pointed to her nose and asked her where her nose was again. She pointed to it, but instead of just pointing, she stuck her finger in it.

I laughed and told her no, and asked her again where her nose was...

Of course she stuck her finger in it again, but this time she giggled at me!!

It is like when she was first crawling and getting into everything. My mom had to deal with this first, and Glade would crawl over to the pictures and then get her hand slapped and a harsh no. She eventually learned that if she touched them, she would get slapped, so she would reach to the pictures, without touching them mind you, and then look back, giggle, and hold her hand out. She thought it was very comical.

Now she is kind of doing the same thing. She has been sticking her finger in her nose everytime she is not getting enough attention, then we tell her no, take her finger out of her nose, and she giggles and puts it back...

Sometimes it makes you wonder what is truly wrong with her sticking her finger in her nose. It is only wrong because someone way back when decided it was bad manners, but since he did this, we have to stick to it! You can't have your kids running around at the park with only their knuckle hanging out of their nose!

But if you ever have trouble with your children, just look at mine and it will give you a very firm giggle.


  1. Hahaha, that is hilarious! Leave it to kids, they can stress you out and other times they can be the only ones that can make you smile and giggle. You can't help but love them!

  2. She is too funny. Like I said before, she will be just like you. Doing stuff just because you tell her not to. Maybe you should consider the reverse psychology trick. Then again, she is already too smart for it!