Friday, October 10, 2008

Surfing the web can make you giggle...

Rachelle and Grandma Pam got us into the show "The Office". I don't think I laugh so hard at anything else, Sponge Bob movie aside. Well, I missed half the episode last night, so I went cruising the internet to find it so I could watch what I missed. (Seeing the end of an episode truly doesn't do much for me).

Well, I go to because they have full episodes available, but I end up finding Dwight Schrute and Creed's blogs. I know they are fake, but that doesn't mean they aren't funny as all get out.

Dwight's latest one is about him wanting to build a moat... It's definitely a must read.

Creed's is about how Michael had a squirrel imprisoned in his safe and Creed rescued it and is training it to be the best trained squirrel in Pensylvania.

I know I am a complete dork, but it's my life!! You have to read them though... some are bound to make you laugh so hard you bust a kidney.

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