Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Legacy of Excellence, my &#$ !!!

Blake can register for his classes for next semester starting on Tuesday the 28th. Since I do all his classes and make sure he is set up with everything, I went in yesterday to look at classes he needs and what he has and all that since he is SOOOO close to his Bachelors.

I went in and saw that they had 5 of the classes he needs available. He is 21 credits away from graduation, so this puts him within 6 credits of graduation after next semester.

BUT, they don't offer the other two classes he needs until next FALL!!! What the freak?!?!?

And since six credits would only be part-time enrollment and we need the grant from full-time enrollment, he has to take 2 classes he doesn't need so we can survive through that semester....

TWO FREAKIN' CLASSES AND HE WOULD BE DONE!! Stupid, stupid school......

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