Sunday, October 5, 2008

Never plan construction on conference weekend

This weekend, we went to Henrieville to help my parents put rock on the bottom of their house. Well, you can't put rock on a house unless it is above 60 degrees and not raining. This weekend, it was both.

We woke up at 7 on Saturday to get an early start, and low and behold, it is raining. As my dad put it, "The Saints have gathered and the Angels are weeping." How true he was. Since it was conference weekend, it was the perfect weekend to do the house. No one would have to go to church, and we made sure to get the weekend off so we could go over.

I guess God had other plans.

But, we had such a good time. Glade had an absolutely ball with my parents and the animals, but she had the most fun with my brother. He is enthralled by her and she just loves him to death.

Saturday we watched movies and lounged around most of the day. We played a game of Phase 10 (which mom my cheated at.... well, she won, so she had to have cheated, right??). It was just so much fun to be away from home.

Saturday night we went to bed looking at the forecast and saying there was no need to get up early because it was going to be cold until later in the day anyway.

Sunday, I woke up to the sun shining in my room, and I was so excited to be able to do something besides lounge. Well, it was still terribly cold so we couldn't do the rock. We decided to go get wood instead. (My parents have a wood burning fireplace, and it is cheaper than keeping the heater on, so they have gone up the last three weekends and gotten loads of wood. My mom carries it to the trailer and stacks it while my dad cuts it. So they were VERY glad to have extra hands to help).

I don't think I have ever had more fun getting wood in my life. Clint kept us laughing, and Glade just made us happy. The weather was perfect for being in the canyon. The wind wasn't blowing and the sun was shining and it felt like 50 degrees. It was wonderful.

My mom hauling wood

The men and my baby

Clint says he got a workout in both arms today... carrying Glade in one and the wood in the other!!

They are so cute together

After it was all over, they sat down in the truck for a break
After the wood was all collected, Clint and I decided to take pictures of Glade in various locations around where we were! We are calling them her "15 month" pictures ;)

She will be the first lady lumberjack!

Admiring her machine

With her favorite Uncle and her treasured leaf!
She found the leaf on the log and it was adorable how she was sharing with us
Clint was so scared she was going to fall off... it was really funny
We put her in a bunch of dead wet leaves. It was so cute we couldn't resist (and by we, I mean Clint...)
It was definitely so much fun this weekend. Glade learned to say "blue" and "up" and she now flies like a goose when she runs. She got two molars and a new bottom tooth this weekend, too, making the total 10!! She is getting teeth so fast. They come in before I realize she is teething.
She would follow my mom's animals around and then squat in front of them and talk to them for hours. But, she is terrified of their paws. My mom's cat Nala doesn't like to be touched and so she pats Glade on the head when she steps over the bounds (without claws). But Samus uses claws when she gets annoyed. So whenever she sees a cats paws, she backs up and covers her mouth. It is absolutely adorable!!
The funniest two moments of the weekend though, were on the first and second nights. When we got there, Glade had barely woken up. She was kind of out of it, and she hadn't seen Bandit since August. He came over and licked her hand and she screeched and cried for a half hour. We were so scared she was going to cry everytime she was around him, but I loved on Bandit and she realized it was ok. The whole weekend she would run after him grabbing him and he would just run away. It was funny.
The second was when we were watching Gridiron Gang on Saturday night. (FANTASTIC movie, btw. You have to see it. It is 1000000x better than Remember the Titans). She turned the movie off in the middle of their first game, and my mom went to her and spanked her and turned her away from the tv. She ran to my dad with her lip sticking out and he held her against the couch. My mom started throwing beenie babies at Glade as a joke and she didn't take it very well. My dad was throwing them back, and then Glade let out the same screech she did when she saw Bandit the first night and just wailed! (It was 11 at night, so she was tired and cranky, but it was still pretty funny). She ran to me and I picked her up, and she crashed. I told my mom we should have thrown stuff at her 3 hours before!!
All in all, it was an awesome weekend.


  1. Those are some adorable pictures of Glade!

  2. Darryl says he isn't so sure the whole "favorite uncle" thing was assessed fairly. Glade is so adorable! I am glad you guys had fun with your parents. It's nice to get away even for just a weekend. We are looking forward to our little weekend trip! Darryl says this will be his chance to prove that he is the coveted favorite uncle. Watch out Clint! :)

  3. Great pics! Clint is so cute with Glade BTW! And your parents! We miss them so much, we always think of stories here or there that somehow include them. Especially Christmas, their caroling tradition was the best! Much love to all of you, we hope that soon we will be able to visit Utah and come see all of you! (we have lots of family all over Utah)

  4. Such a cute baby, too! Tell your parents and Clint we said hello!