Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Month

One more month has come and gone, and still I am at home with Glade. Last year I prayed that we could budget everything out so I could stay home. We had it perfect. Blake made 900 a month and that covered everything except rent which was covered by student loans. And we had a ton of savings so we were set.

Then the Nissan broke down and we entered the world of the car owner. Well, not so much owner as person paying a car payment they can't really afford. So, we started working at the Girl's Home in Tropic. We worked only weekends ( I worked two 16s and Blake worked a 16 and an 8). We were able to earn enough and not have to pay a babysitter because my parents would watch Glade.

Well, gas prices went through the roof and we couldn't afford to drive 100 miles to work every week. Especially only making $7.50 apiece. So, the beginning of August we quit thinking we could get jobs easy.

Blake got a job a week and a half later. I applied and bugged people, but no one was "hiring". So, finally I found the job at Sunshine and life was looking better. It sucked that I got fired the day before I started, though...

So, since that took an entire two weeks out of my job hunt, I still do not have a job. I have applied at so many places, I am out of resumes (and I printed 50 of them!!). One place said they would call me, but it has been a week and still nothing. So, I have begun applying at fast food places. They were my last resort thinking that I wouldn't even need to think about it. How truly wrong I was...

So, here it is October and me still unemployed... Either I smell really bad, or I look funny. You choose...


  1. Well considering the fact that I know you shower regularly, it must be the fact that no one is hiring! I am so sorry it's been so rough on you guys. We are praying for you every day. (We always do anyway.) Hang in there. It will all work out soon enough.

  2. I feel ya!!! Rich only lost his job a week ago, but the economy SUCKS!!! No one is hiring! My sister saw on the news that the departments stores that normally hire like crazy around the holidays aren't going to be doing that this year, and this past week they were actually going to be laying people off!!!!