Monday, October 20, 2008

To my relief...

I started at Convergys today! I have six days of training before I actually go to the call floor permanently, but I actually got to start this job!! I was so worried friday and all weekend that I was going to get the call I got before... When this morning rolled around and it still hadn't come, it was amazing!

Training is actually more boring than orientation, if that is strange to believe. It is six days of seven hour shifts where you just sit and learn. The most interesting part today was when we actually went to the call floor and just sat with someone and listened and watched as they took calls for 2 hours. It went by FAST and it was way interesting. The programs to use are very simple (at least I think so) and it looks pretty easy to learn.

There was one call where the guy got mad, because the system was actually down so we couldn't help anyone with anything. He said he had a business to run and he couldn't sit on the phone all day or at the computer because he had houses to paint. She just said sorry and took it while a smile on her face. At one point he said he was just going to cancel his account and pull all his money and she just smiled and muted the mike and said "it's people like this that actually make my day". She unmuted him and said sorry sir and kept smiling and trying to calm him down. It was actually truly comical.

But the best part of this job is all the added benefits I get. In 60 days I get paid time off, holiday pay, benefits, tuition reinbursement, 401k, life insurance, and accidental death insurance. It is absolutely fantastic! I have never had paid time off before and I am so excited to take a vacation and get paid for it!!

I actually think that is the best part!!

I also can get $0.20 raises every 3 months ($0.80 a year) so I should be making over $9 an hour in April. Which is AWESOME!!

If we do move, also, there are tons of places I can transfer to. Especially if Blake goes to the U in a year, there are a few in Salt Lake, and 1 in Provo/Orem I can look into.

And I am sure it has its downsides, but every job does. I am just excited to finally be working!!


  1. I am really excited it worked out. It awesome you get great benefits too! Paid time off rocks.

  2. YAY!! Now, if I can get a job, that'd be rockin!

    Love ya!


  3. I am so excited for you guys!!! You shoukd move down this way!!!