Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My daughter, the bully...

This weekend we had Darryl, Rachelle, and Teagan come down for a few days. Glade doesn't get to see other kids near her age very often, so we love when they come down so she has someone to play with.

It really is nice to have cousins close to the same age, too. Glade is 15 months old and Teagan is 8 1/2 months, almost 9. Six months isn't that big of a deal once they get older, but when they were littler it was a HUGE difference.

Well, it was not a good weekend for Teagan to have a girl walking around riling him up... He was getting two teeth (one came in Saturday but it swelled over again) and he was pretty cranky. If Glade walked up to him, he would just throw a tantrum and cry.

But, there were the few moments where they would play together happily and we could get pictures and such. They would kiss and hug and Glade would try to hold Teagan like she holds Rebecka. But, Teagan weighs a LOT more than her, so she would just end up pulling him over.

When they played it was absolutely adorable. But when Teagan was through, he would cry and Glade would get very worried. She would try to hug and kiss him better and he would cry some more. Since he was using her crib this weekend, she would hear him cry in her room and would run away from whatever she was doing and try to find him to make him better. It was absolutely adorable!!

But Teagan is so cute! Looking at him makes my arms hurt, because of how much bigger he is than Glade, but it's cute watching him crawl around the house after food. Glade left a chicken nugget on the ground, and Blake was walking with Teagan and Teagan saw the nugget, and just plopped on the ground and crawled as fast as he could toward it. It was pretty funny! But it was nice to hold a baby that doesn't walk. Glade doesn't like to be held very much because she has better things to do, but Teagan hasn't really hit that stage yet. It was WAY nice.

On another note, Glade had her 15 month checkup yesterday. She is now 17 lbs 1 ounce (just a tiny thing) which is in the zero percentile, 28 3/4" long which is in the 15th percentile, and her head is a whopping 46 3/4 cms... which is in the 75th percentile!! She does have a big head....

But the doctor isn't worried about her weight at all (we switched doctors because I hate them telling me I don't feed my daughter and I'm a bad mom). Her soft spot isn't filling in, but since she is small, Dr. Miller isn't worried. Plus, some babies don't have theirs grow in until they are two.

ALSO, since after Glade had her chicken pox shot in July and got the "mini-pox" from it, she doesn't have to have the booster chicken pox shot!! It isn't given until she is 4 or 5, but she doesn't have to have it because her immune system is top notch! And Dr. Miller has had over 1000 patients, and only two have gotten the mini-pox, so don't be worried if your child is getting the shot. It's very rare and it truly isn't a big deal.

But because Glade knows so many words and can do so many things just seeing them once, she is at the development of an 18 month old!! Which for a preemie is HUGE! Sometimes she is too smart for her own good, but I love watching her learn!

So, all in all, it was a pretty good weekend.

(The pics that I got from Rachelle are below... they are so cute!!)

Blake had to work, and Glade only wanted Darryl, and minute he picked her up, she cuddled to him and fell asleep.

She is a pretty good sharer

Darryl with the babies. Him and Blake would hold both and say they are so lopsided they were falling over

Giving Teagan a kiss on the forehead
Giving each other kisses

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