Monday, August 18, 2008

Updates all around!

Today was Blake's first day of work. He now works at a boy's home in Cedar City, much like what we were doing in Tropic, but he will probably be working graveyards. I am so excited. We won't be able to be with each other all the time now, but at least we will be earning money...right?

Glade is the same troublemaker she is and always will be. But she is so cute. She was playing cards the other day. She had the whole deck in front of her and she would pick one card up, put it on another pile, pick up a card from that pile, and look at it for a minute before she put it down or picked up another one. She did this for hours. It was definitely entertaining.

She does hate her room though. We have her sleeping on a mattress now, but she just hates her room. She will play in there all day long, but the minute we put the gate in front of her door, she cries bloody murder. It really grates on you. But we close our door and watch movies to drown out the crying. She normally stops after about a half hour. But she has learned to surprise attack you. She stops crying and sits on her bed looking at the door. The minute you look in on her to make sure she is asleep, she starts to cry again. And then gives you this look that breaks your heart...

Other than that, she is doing very well. She loves to eat meat. If you make something for her that doesn't have meat in it, she won't eat it. It is truly kind of funny.

I am doing well. I am still looking for a job, but this town is stupid and won't hire anyone...But such is life. When I need a job I am sure I will find one. It always works out like that.

Other than those things, our life is going by swimmingly. We have more than enough time on our hands, and yet we don't get enough done. But that is how it goes all the time. I am glad I don't have school this semester...I have so much stuff I need to finish. Too many people are having babies this year.....

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  1. That's a really good pic of Blake. I haven't seen that one before. I am glad to hear you are all doing well. I am jealous of how crafty you are! I love all the cute stuff you make and you do it so fast. One of these days, I might have time to do that, but for now I have to hit the books.