Friday, August 15, 2008

Always the same, ha ha...

Today, Glade went to the doctor for her iron check-up. She is doing peachy with her iron level now, so she doesn't have to be on Fer-Gen-Sol anymore, thank goodness....

But, my suspicions were confirmed. Glade did have the chicken pox. He called them "mini-pox." Obviously they are very common after the Varicolla shot babies receive at a year. They are highly contageous, but they make their immune system that much better because they had to fight it off.

Glade took it all very well. She giggled at the doctor and showed off how cute she was whenever he looked at her. She is definitely a man's girl.

She is walking everywhere and we can't keep her out of things she shouldn't be in. You put it away, and she is into another thing she shouldn't be into. It is definitely a neverending cycle...

Blake now has a job interview! We are so excited. We have been placing applications and bugging people since the middle of June and finally, we got an interview! It is for a boy's home here and in Cedar and hopefully he gets it.

Lately, I have been sitting at home, crocheting more than I knew I could and watching more movies than I have seen all year. Netflix is a fantastic investment...I love unlimited movies on my computer!!

I am making some cute little animals for a baby I know, and when they are done, I will post pics of them on here. They will be WAY cute.

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