Monday, August 11, 2008

My heroes...

Aye, Mates, for many years this man stood the watch.
While some of us lay about our bunks at night,
this sailor stood the watch.
While others of us were attending schools,
this sailor stood the watch.
As our families watched the storm clouds of war
Brewing on the horizon of history,
This sailor stood the watch.
This sailor looked ashore and saw his family
Often needing his guidance, but he knew he must stay,
because he had the watch.
For many years he has stood the watch so that we
and Our fellow countrymen could
sleep soundly in safety,
knowing that a sailor would stand the watch.
Today we are here to say
"The watch stands relieved",
Relieved by those you have led, guided and trained.
UT1 (SCW) Dale Pollock,
Boatswain, stand by to pipe to the side.
Shipmate going ashore.
"Fair Winds and Following Seas"
This poem would mean nothing without a little commentary...
My father is one of my heroes. He always has been. When I was little he wasn't around very often because he was "Standing the Watch." I never understood why one man had to be away from his family so much when there were no real wars going on. But when he retired last year and he had tears in his eyes as they sent him ashore, I knew why he had done it all.
It wasn't for the honor or the glory. It was so people like us could stay free. There might not have been any wars, but what would it be like if we didn't have a military at all?
I am so proud of my father for serving in the military. There are truly no words to describe it. It gave me friends that I will think of forever, and more family than I will ever be able to name. It has given me the person that I am and the person I want to become.
But talking about my heroes doesn't truly mean anything unless I talk about my other hero.
The Wife's Watch
Be it known that Mrs. Janece Pollock has
stood the watch...The Wife's Watch.
While her Sailor answered the call from
the sea, she stood on the shore fighting
down the fear that he would not return.
In his absences, she has had to deal with
car repairs, home maintenance, financial
worries, children's injuries and illness...
All these and more she has taken in
stride so that her Sailor could proudly
serve our nation. Today the Side boys are
posted and the Boatswain stands ready to
And as she has for many years, a
Sailor's wife stand waiting on the shore.
Soon the pipe will sound and her Sailor
will come ashore for the last time...
His watch stands relieved...
So too, does hers.
We gratefully honor her courage and
steadfastness and offer our best to the
both of them for the new life
they now begin.
My mom....there is not a lot to say that can be understood....
She went through so many things I didn't understand until I was a mother myself. She is definitely the strongest woman I know. She had to be mother and father to two children while her husband was away for months at a time. And she couldn't let us know her fears or doubts....
She carried her burden like a badge of honor. I never knew what she went through at night when he wasn't by her side or she hadn't received a letter in a few days. I never went through the fear of thinking that your husband might not come back...
I wish I was more like her. Strong willed, determined....But I'm not.
She is one of the strongest women I know, and I wish I was like her.
I am so proud of her service. It might not be as recognized as normal military service, but I truly think hers was harder.
I am so proud of my parents. They are such great people and so strong in every aspect of their lives. One day, I want to be like them...

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