Saturday, August 23, 2008

A New Day

Today is Blake's first real shift at his job. He left at four, despite Glade's cries and her saying "dada" inbetween tears. I hate when he leaves because Glade gets so heartbroken, and I just miss him. I haven't had to not be with him since January....well, except for class. But that is about it. It is so strange.

I love having him around. Most of the time we don't really hang out with each other, even when we are home. He is painging his Tournament army and I am making things for babies and playing with Glade.

I love being at home though. You don't have to worry about bosses and paychecks and coworkers..... It is a very low stress environment.

I just wish that Blake and me didn't have to work at all. I wish would could just win a million dollars and be set for life. Or that we were just rich to begin with. That would have been awesome too. But, it is so much better not being rich, I guess. The stress makes you stronger.

I guess that is just the way it goes with life. The one time you get to enjoy yourselves and not have to worry is when you're dead. Good thing I'm going to the celestial kingdom, huh!!

So Glade's new thing is opening ziplock bags with her goodies in them and then throwing them all around the house. She gets a kick out of it and it drives me bonkers. But the one problem is that it is a pain in the butt cleaning when she is awake, so we do it after she goes to bed at night. However, it is just one big ugly cycle where she makes a mess, we clean it, she wakes up and does it again. It really does drag you down a little....

But Glade is so cute when she is making messes you can't stop her. She is just so enthralled in different things and it is just fastinating. Her new thing is to take books off the shelf, place them in front of the tv stand, and then put them back on the book shelf. It is really cute how she is in the "put away" stage. It's actually really nice. When she spills her cheerios, you hold the bag open and ask her to help, and she picks them up one at a time and puts them back into the bag. It is absolutely adorable. And she looks so proud of herself when she does it. Like she has accomplished something amazing and the whole world will be different for it.

Everyday with her is like a new experience. She is just absolutely adorable when she waddles around the house with her empty sippy cup and then shoves it on your lap and screams at you. Or when she walks around the house crying 'dada' and doesn't find him, so she comes into the living room with tears streaming down her cheeks. Or when she learns something new, like how to turn the tv off so you have to pay attention to her....

It is definitely a series of fantastic surprises from the minute you wake up, till she goes to sleep at night and you smile as she sleeps with her baby doll.

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  1. Hey Blake this is Valerie Randall Ford from high school. I stumbled upon your blog, and I love to find new bloggers. You look really happy and have a cute family! My blog is if you want to check it out. Hope you are doing well!