Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Motherhood is a series of beautiful and ugly events that always seems to happen right after one another. You have this beautiful child that is surely a gift from God, but sometimes you just want to put them in their room where they can't mess anything up.

My beautiful gift from God, Glade, decided today that she would take her bowl of cereal (while we weren't looking, mind you) and put it in the bathtub. Well, little did she know, that when you drop a bowl with a lid on it time and time again, eventually the lid will come off. So I walk into the bathroom this afternoon, and there is rice cereal mixed with prunes all over my walls, the bathtub, the shower curtain....just everywhere....

And I go to see what Glade has to say for herself. (Yes, I think she can talk...) Well, she smiles that cute little smile, points to the bathroom, and giggles. You can't be mad at her for it. So, I get a bucket, a rag, and I go clean the bathroom.

Sometimes, I wonder why children are the way they are. I truly think God put them here so we could learn patience. Otherwise, people would freak out at other people at the drop of a hat. Since becoming a mother, I am more patient than ever. I can talk to people I don't like without a word to say otherwise, I can smile at my daughter when she refuses to eat dinner (for the 3rd night in a row), and I can smile at my husband when he is driving me insane.

Children are great, but without them, sometimes you just have to imagine a better and worse world all rolled into one....

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  1. I love being a mommy!! There is nothing better! Darling post! I am so glad I got to see your cute fam! Lets keep in touch!!