Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bells Will Be Ringing

This Christmas was really great. Not only did Glade open all the presents we had under the tree Christmas Eve, but she was able to open some more on Christmas Day when my parents and brother came into town. We got a lot more stuff than we thought we would and Glade absolutely LOVED all her presents.

It was so hard to find stuff she would like just because she is in that weird age they don't make things for. It goes from 0-6, then 6-12, then 12-24.... Where the 18 months?? It just baffles me they don't have anything. So we made due with other toys she had played with and loved and some other stuff I thought she would enjoy.

They all turned out to be perfect!!

We spent the beginning of the morning with my family, then Blake went to work, and when we got back we had Christmas Dinner and then just hung out as a family watching movies and playing games together. It was a lot of FUN.

And now that it's over, we have a whole new year to prepare for. And it starts with Nate's Farewell and Teagan's birthday. I'm so excited to get jump started on 2009!!

We got her a play pen for her baby, but she doesn't let the baby in there. she sits in it to watch TV
Her new moses basket from Grandpa and Grandma Pearson

She set up the baby toys next to the tree and said it was so the baby could see the lights
Her new table and dishes from Grandpa and Grandma Pollock!! She absolutely loves them. She feeds you fake food for hours on end.
Her new bed set from Grandpa and Grandma Pollock! It matches the flowers on her wall and she loves going to bed and pointing at all the flowers
My new quilt rack!! (Totally wish I had had this a month ago...;) )

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