Monday, December 15, 2008

Our "Christmas" Weekend

This past weekend we decided to go up North for our Christmas since we both have to work before, during, and after Christmas. We went up Friday afternoon when I got off work and had so much planned. (We always plan to see everyone, but we always end up doing too much ;) ).

Friday night we went to Temple Square with Darryl and Rachelle (Teagan was sick so he stayed home). I had never been before and I absolutely love going to the Temple so I thought it would be so pretty lit up. I was right! I love Christmas lights and I think they did a fantastic job at decorating the Square! It was a pretty good night to go, too, since it wasn't too cold or windy. Glade really enjoyed seeing the lights and pulling off her mittens. She eventually lost one of them around the Square somewhere. She thought it was pretty funny!

Family Picture
On Saturday we went and saw a couple of our friends in Provo, went to Barnes and Noble (should never go there... I always spend too much), then went up to Clinton to be with Nick, Mandy, Michael, and Claire. Glade had an absolutely blast with Michael. She would chase him around and he would kind of cower in corners. It was pretty funny.
I held Claire all weekend and it was awesome! My arms didn't fall asleep and I felt like I wasn't holding anything at all! It was an awesome weekend!
Below are some more pics of Temple Square, enjoy!!
SLC Temple

SLC Temple

Darryl looked at the church and turned to us and said "Everytime I see this it reminds me of the church on Resident Evil 4". Needless to say, I will never look at this building the same ever again. One day zombies will come piling out and I will be ready for them ;)

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  1. I was so sad we didn't get to spend more time with you guys! I am especially sad that Glade got Teagan's cold. I feel for her. I got it too. I loved going to Temple Square though. I just wish we lived closer . . . someday.