Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Now that I have calmed down a little...

Here is my commentary on what happened yesterday:

We have been listening to this election crap for almost two years. It is so sad that I was barely into my second trimester of my pregnancy when Hillary Clinton started her campaign. There is no reason to believe people wouldn't be sick of it all by the time the actual nominees were picked.

By the time this happened, no one truly cared. And then they tried to make people care with a million and a half debates and speeches that cut into my TV time and shows I was looking forward to watching.

And the saddest part of this campaign is that no one truly said anything worth while. Obama only preached "change" (whatever that entailed) and McCain didn't preach anything worth listening to. He was limp and lifeless. The only thing that jogged me and probably some other people back into this campaign was when he picked Sarah Palin to be the VP.

That was the most bold and smart move McCain made in the entire race. She is highly conservative, a real feminist (as I think they should be), and she hunts Moose. There was nothing better than that.

And then election day rolled around...

I cannot believe America could be so stupid. But then again, the people that probably voted the most was the people that should not be allowed to vote. And before you get mad, let me explain.

Anyone that is on Government help or does not pay taxes should not be allowed to vote. They will always vote for the person that is going to give them more money, no matter who that is. I know that I would be one of the people not allowed to vote, but that is fine with me. I would have voted for McCain (I do have a brain - and this is in comparison to only those on government aid), had I voted, but I am totally ok if this were the real rule. It would make so much more sense than people that don't actually vote with their head voting for more government aid.

Obama won because he promised "change". No one knows what that means except that he is the new Messiah come to save America from filthy Republicans who only take money from the poor. Taxes will stay high or get higher, college will stay pricey, and I highly doubt Universal Health Care will happen. No one knows what he thinks, but he is definitely something to be scared of.

And I am still WAY curious as to why his birth certificate is sealed.. the only reason to be worried about someone seeing it is if he wasn't born in the US, which would mean he couldn't be president, right?!? Wow, he must be an evil genius...

But on a good note, Prop 8 in California passed! It definitely brings hope back to my heart. And I am so glad that the church actually told people to be active about it. The only thing that stinks is the bill will probably go to the Supreme Court and get overturned. But at least we know that the majority still has a say and they are saying the right thing!

All in all, the next 4 years will be the longest of my entire life.


  1. I really hope Universal Healthcare doesn't happen. Who thought it was a good idea in the first place? Since the government is so good at screwing things up, let's let them have a shot at our health! Great idea. I agree that healthcare costs are out of control but letting the government take over is worse. That's my little rant about that. All in all, at least the democrats have nothing to whine about anymore. They have the house, senate and now the white house. They better do something with it or get crucified. There are Republicans that won't let them get away with not living up to their promises. So change is in our future. Let's all pray that it will be a good change. (not likely)

  2. The worst part about universal health care is that funding for medical advancements will cease entirely. And since our country is the one making those advancements, illnesses would be awful all over again like in the 1700 and 1800s. It would be AWFUL

  3. I don't agree that people receiving government help shouldn't be able to vote. I totally see where you are coming from, but there are loads of issues (For example, maybe mothers considering abortion shouldn't be allowed to vote because they will be swayed by their own wants, etc.) and if the only people who were allowed to vote were ones who were totally objective, no one would be at the polls.

    All I can say is that the President doesn't really have enough power to screw things up too bad in four years. Although I didn't vote for him, I hope Obama will at least be a good leader even if I don't agree with many of his views. All you can really do is accept it an hope for the best.

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  5. Sorry I posted on accident before I ahd finished my thought.
    Now that Obama is the president we should try to look at some of the good things that can come from it. I know many people that have become involved in the political process because they can see that sitting on the fence isn't going to get them anything except what they don't want. For example, because I don't like his poicies I better be writing my state senators and reps to let them know how much I don't want something...this is what I believe happened with prop 8. People actually cared and it made a difference. If the reps and senators want to keep their jobs (and believe me they all do) they will listen to the letters.
    Second, we can't change the fact that he is now our president so now all our prayers should be on his side. He has a HUGE load of crap in front of him and it wouldn't have mattered who got into office at this time they need all the divine help they can get.
    More people praying to God has never been a bad thing (now doing acts in the name of God is a different story, but prayers definately can't hurt;))