Monday, November 10, 2008

First experience with two kids

Last night we babysat our friend's two month old. I was a little nervous, but I was more excited than anything else. They watch Glade while Blake is in class so I figure it can't be too hard. Plus, Glade absolutely adores Rebecka.

So they dropped off Rebecka and went to dinner and a movie. I absolutely loved babysitting! Glade had a blast with her. They played on the floor for about an hour and had a blast together. Rebecka is started to smile and coo and kick more than usual and Glade just loves talking back to her.

And when Rebecka would cry, Glade would run and grab a binky or a bottle so she would be ok. It was adorable!!

Here are some pics I took (I just couldn't help myself ;) ):

Glade is tickling Rebecka's feet
She would lie down to cuddle with her... it made it more like lying on her but it was cute anyway

Giving kisses

Trying to pick her up to hold her

Just being cute for the camer (and the bump on her head is from falling off the bookshelf... It isn't child abuse....)

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  1. That little girl you babysat is so adorable. You must just love her to pieces. Course, I could be a little biased.....Glade is cute too, she brings a big smile to my face whenever I call Brenda (which is all the time) and I hear her in the background.