Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A November Update

Well, I figured we would post a little update on how everyone is doing.

And since Glade is the cutest, I figure we would start with her. She is now 16 months old (still can't believe it). She has 12 teeth and is into everything. It is definitely a good thing she is so cute!

She can say a few more words, including baby, wii, no, and yum. And her brand new thing to do is to take everything of hers and stick it down her onesie. When you change her diaper, everything falls out when you open the onesie. She gets a kick out of it and it is pretty cute.

She is also now 17 lbs 14 ounces (moving right up there ha ha). To me she has gotten so HUGE, but she is still really tiny in proportion to all other kids. But little babies are better ;).

I am still at convergys (one month on Thursday!!) and it is actually a pretty fun job. Whenever we aren't on calls, we talk and make jokes, and you get to sit down all day. Most people aren't that mean, since I only have to deal with online banking, but this last week I think every third call was someone that would yell. And it doesn't really make sense why they are upset... especially since all I ask is if I can verify their information... is it truly that hard to tell me your address and SSN?? But then again, some people are just difficult.

Blake is still at Crysallis and is in class when he isn't at work. Thank goodness the semester is so close to being over. It is going to be a relief the three weeks he doesn't have to go to class inbetween semesters.

I'm pretty sure that is all that is going on, but if you want to know more, just hit me up!

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  1. I can't believe you've been at your job for a month already! That went by fast. I am glad you are liking it.