Sunday, November 2, 2008

The flu is ALTOGETHER evil...

Saturday rolled around and Blake and I started to feel a little better. I didn't throw up at work, Blake didn't throw up at home, so it was bound to be a good day... NOT.

I got home from work and Blake's finger (the strange infected growth) had started to eat away at the skin around it on his finger. So, I figured, what they hey, we'll go to the ER... they have financial aid, right??

We go in, and everyone backs up a step or two when Blake shows it to them. And then the doctor walks in. "I don't think I have ever seen anything like this before". Which is definitely not something you want to hear a doctor say. So, she asked if Blake wanted to keep it until he could see a dermatologist and see what was up. Blake said sure and she left to call the dermatologist.

She came back in, and said he wanted a biopsy so when we went to see him, he would have more information. SOOO, she numbed him up and then cut the thing off. It came off like a mushroom top... kinda creepy.

And of course it left this hole in his finger that won't stop bleeding. She tried to burn the veins so they would stop bleeding, but when she burned one, another would open up. So they did a pressure bandage. The bleeding has slowed (18 hours later...) and it doesn't even hurt now that the numbing has worn off.


We got home and watched a movie and Glade had been acting perfect and chipper and just being great.

Since Blake and I were both feeling awesome, we figured the flu was over and we would have nothing to worry about.

How wrong we were...

Glade had her flu shot with her 15 month app, but she has to get the booster on the 12th of this month. Little did we realize she can still get the flu.

She woke me up at one this morning just puking her guts out. I felt so bad... I had never seen her throw so much up in one sitting. And it is probably our fault. We didn't realize that she could get sick, so we had been giving her chocolate milk all day. Definitely not a good combination for an upset stomach.

Blake gave her a blessing after she threw up the second time about five minutes after the first, and then it proceeded to get worse. She refused to drink anything and she would fall asleep for five minutes then wake up and throw up again. We actually put her on a towel to sleep because that was the easiest way to clean up the mess...

So, she threw up till about three, dry heaved until four, drank her gatorade (finally) at five, and then crashed. The biggest problem is that she threw up on every blanket, bed, and pillow in our house EXCEPT our batman blanket and one couch pillow...

The worst part is that everytime she would throw up or dry heave, she would just cry this really sad cry and there was nothing I could do to help her but rub her back and try to comfort her... I think that's one of the worst moments in my mommy life so far...

But she did fall asleep eventually and woke up at ten happy and healthy. We aren't going to feed her much today for fear that she will throw up again, but she is downing gatorade like a champ!

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  1. What a day! Just when you think everything is finally over, it never is! That's life for ya. Hope everyone is better now.