Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I got home from work Monday, and I was already exhausted. The minute I walk in, Blake rushes up and says 'Three of our Wii games won't play!' in that voice of his....

So, even though I only wanted to take a nap, I walked to the Wii and tried to make them work.
Needless to say, a half hour later I was already getting more and more frustrated since it was now not playing any games. The Wii wouldn't even spin the games.

Caleb and Brenda stopped by while I was in the middle of this (sorry!) and I was pretty upset by that time. So I decided to take the stupid system apart.

So, I get a screwdriver and start to open it, hoping it is just some dust on the system I need to blow off. But, Nintendo has placed Y shape screws on all the important joints. And I couldn't unscrew them with the stuff I had.

As I was more and more frustrated as the minutes dragged on, I decided to go to Nintendo's website and see if they had solutions.

It gave me a number to call, and knowing what it is like to be screamed at over the phone, I calmed down and let the lady know what was going on.

Before I could say that it froze during Metroid 3, she butted in and asked if it did it during Metroid 3. I was astounded. (This was after going through the TTY and learning there is an entire group dedicated just to Super Smash Brothers Brawl problems...)

She was so nice and we tried a home fix, but nothing worked.

So, our Wii has to be sent in for repairs. Since we got it when it came out, the factory year warrantee is expired, so in total it will be $85 to fix. Which includes shipping, all the parts they would need, and a year warrantee when it comes back. Not a bad price.

We are just upset that our system that is supposed to work forever is broken, and our 360, that is supposed to have problem after problem is working like a cherry...


  1. Sorry about the Wii. Not going to lie, we were scared! Love you still though. Sorry if Caleb made a butt of himself. He's good at that. :)

  2. I feel so bad!! And I think it's just all men that like to give me crap... it's means I'm awesome!!

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