Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our new family member, Ada

On Monday, we took Ridley in to be neutered. A few hours later, we got a call from the vet himself. Never a good thing.

Ridley went into the surgery just great and came out just great. He woke up and was very responsive, then he just died before they knew what happened. The vet did an autopsy and found out his heart was half a size too big, and also, his lower ventricle of his heart was paper thin. The vet could see through it. He said that the heart gets bigger to compensate for the thinness, and there is no way they could have known it was like this. The only way to know is to put them under and see how they take it. Since animals are so small, the anaestasia puts too much pressure on their already bad heart so they die.

The best part is my mom's kitten died the same way last year, at the same exact vet... suspicious? lol... Nah.

The good thing about this was that Glade was with my parents this whole weekend. We went to Ephraim Friday to see Clint with them, they took her after his concert, and we got her back today (Wednesday).

The minute I got off the phone with the vet, both me and Blake look at each other and ask what we are going to do about Glade. Ridley was her best friend. It was so cute to see the two of them play together and sleep together. They were absolutely perfect together.

So, we went on a quest to find a new kitten before she came back. We couldn't find anything, and we called every shelter in Southern Utah.

We decided to go to St. George for In 'N Out Burger and while we were in the line, I got a call from the Ivins City Shelter. I had called them early and they said they were remodeling their shelter so everything was in Foster Care for the time being.

She says that she didn't think of it earlier, but she has a 12 week old kitten at her house. She was found after the last big snowstorm in the middle of the freeway. They took her into their house, but they didn't think she would live.

She pulled through miraculously! The woman already had four cats and couldn't keep this one and she has been looking for a home for her with little kids so she would have someone to play with and we were just what she had in mind.

We drove to Ivins and saw the cutest and ugliest kitten ever. She is a little calico and she was just filthy. Her fur was just greasy and had the pet dandruff they get when they are that dirty. But the minute we picked her up out of her box, she just purred and loved on us. She never used her claws and it just felt perfect.

We filled out the paperwork and took her home. The shelter had named her Rainbow because she has so many colors, but we figured we can't have an animal without a Video Game name, so her name is now Ada (yes, from Resident Evil).

Glade finally met her today and they are adorable together. She isn't sure what to do about her since she is so tiny, so she just follows her around giggling and tries to give her kisses.

It's not the same as having Ridley, but she is definitely a part of our family now!

Blake, Glade, and Ada
Glade was giving her kisses
Playing with daddy's game boy case with Ada.


  1. Darryl told me about Ridley a few days ago. It just broke my heart. I am so sorry. I am glad to hear that Ada fits right in and Glade seems to be happy with her.

  2. Aww, I'm so sorry about your loss but I'm also so happy for your new addition! What a cute kitty!