Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar

It's been almost a week since I posted and that just feels strange to me. We had so much happen this last almost week.

As you know, we got Ada to replace Ridley. Well, not so much replace and fill a hole... kinda the same thing lol.

She's learning her spot, but sometimes I can't help but feel sorry for her.

With Ridley, they had to adjust to each other. Glade had been around other animals, but she was skittish around her own pet for the first week or two. Then they just bonded. Now that she has already gotten used to an animal in her house, Ada isn't like Ridley at all.

Ada is still getting used to having a toddler run after her giggling, and being picked up when she is sleeping, and getting kisses, and just having to run away. She is getting better at understanding when Glade wants to play and when she doesn't mean to hurt her, but it is still not the same as with Ridley. But Ada won't scratch Glade except on accident, which is a lot better than Ridley used to do.

Ridley would sleep next to Glade every night. Ada sleeps in Blake's armpit. Ridley would play with Glade, even if she woke him up from a nap. Ada just runs.

I know it's not right to compare them, but Glade misses her Ridley a lot. At night she still calls him before she goes to bed. It just makes me want to cry. Her and Ada are getting there, but it just isn't the same.

Onto lighter things, Bowden and his fiancee Mary came this weekend. It was a lot of fun. We ate German food friday, Mary made Fettucini Saturday, then we had a Roast on Sunday. It was a pretty laid back weekend.

Glade kept them running all the time. When she wants me to pick her up over and over and over and over, I just say no when I'm done. Bowden and Mary didn't. I think she kept them moving all day just because she knew she could. I felt bad, but at least she wasn't messing with me or Blake ;).

Blake got home from work Sunday night and we decided to do his application for graduation. The one if you graduate in May is due October 15, so almost two months from when the semester starts.

The one if you graduate in december is due February 15... a MONTH after the semester starts....

Of course we didn't know that, because they announce NOTHING at this crappy school and the counselors are paid to keep transfer students here until the government won't pay anymore.

SOOOOO, instead of graduating in December after taking his last 6 credits, Blake has to take 2 semesters of crap he doesn't need just to stay full time, and graduate next Spring, if they don't decide to change the curriculum AGAIN.

And now we are in Cedar for another year and a half, in an apartment with no air conditioning, with the roaches.... the ugly, ugly, roaches.

But I guess it's ok. We both have fairly good paying jobs, not that we like them, and we have a babysitter we LOVE, and an apartment that is pretty big for the price we pay. I shouldn't complain, but we were so SET on leaving in December to find an apartment and jobs up north so Blake could start his graduate program.

Now it just seems like rushing is just a waste of time.

But I guess now we know the application is due October 15th!!

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  1. Sorry that SUU is gay. But now I get to keep you.