Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our latest addiction

Every day we all try to do our Wii Fit. Blake is at his perfect weight (or so his BMI says), I am highly underweight, and Glade is more underweight than me.

So, we try to do our Wii Fit to stay in shape.

The strangest part of it is that we will both exercize to a Video Game, but not without it.

Seriously, how hard it is to run in place or do push ups everyday? Pretty dang hard when you don't have a Super Hot Trainer telling you that you are doing great and to keep it up!!

Everyday I work out trying to put on some more weight to be at least in the "Normal" range, and every day I get a little closer to my goal! I am now 4 pounds away from entering "Normal" but at least 30 away from having a healthy BMI.

And I have found out I am a closet Yoga lover. I am not very flexible, but I can kinda fake it on the Wii. It is mostly about balance and such, and I like to think I have pretty good balance, so I love doing all the Yoga. Always with the door locked and no one around, but hopefully one day I can go take a real class.

And everyday we bring out the Wii Fit mat, Glade gets so excited to try it herself. We put her on there to test her BMI and Weight, and then let her try a couple games (with our help of course) and she absolutely loves it!

Anyone that doesn't have this game, definitely needs to buy it. I know it sounds ridiculous to spend $90 on something you can do without a Video Game, but if you think of all the money people dump into gyms they never go to or excercize equipment they never use, this is only about $340 after you buy the system and game. And considering it has more than just exercizing stuff, it is totally worth it! And the balance board is being used in more and more different types of Video games! (And let me tell you, the skiing is super fun, no matter how hard it really is).

And I know most of you are thinking how big of junkies we are with Nintendo, but we are proud of it, and recommend it to everyone!!

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  1. I'm a little upset that it says that I am overweight! I think you should get your money back. P.S. Love the pic of Glade in the carrier. Is she asleep? Cuz if she is, she is the coolest kid ever!