Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is slowing down time too much to ask?

Everyday I wake up, get ready for work, kiss my baby good-bye and then see her again 8 hours later.

I swear, in just that 8 hours everyday, she learns 10 new things!!

It doesn't help that she is 18 months old and is catching onto everything the first time you show it to her, but still...

Which is one of the reasons I was so excited to take last Saturday off paid. PTO is truly a beautiful thing. I was able to be with her as she learned new things during the entire weekend without a lull or something coming up. It was absolutely fantastic!

When we went to IKEA, we got her new bowls, cups, and silverware for her to use since we didn't have anything really "toddler" friendly yet. When we got home and opened the bowls and cups, she took right to them. It amazed me!!

And now she refuses to drink from her sippy cup except for bed time since she has her new "big girl" cups. And if she spills them on herself, even if it is just a drop, she looks at it and gets really upset. It is so adorable. You have to go up to her and give her a hug and tell her it's ok, and then she will finally drink from her cup again without crying. You could say it is annoying, but I think it is just plain cute.

I just don't think it's very fair that she is growing up this fast. It seems like just yesterday we were in the hospital worried about her breathing and wondering if she was going to be ok. And now all she does is run around causing havoc everywhere she goes!

Why can't time just stand still for one day so I can enjoy her before she gets any older...

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  1. Kayce, first off, your comment on my post was wonderful. I wouldn't dream of deleting it! I will cherish it forever! So thank you to say the least!

    I'm so sorry it's been difficult missing sweet things while you are working. Sounds like your little girl is so smart!

    You have such a beautiful family and I hope your blessed with another just as cute soon!