Monday, January 12, 2009

Glade's extra special Christmas Present

Every time we got to my parent's house for the weekend, Glade has an absolutely blast with all the animals. And this last time when we came home, she would wander the house saying "Blue" (the name of her favorite cat there) and then get upset if she couldn't find him. So, for Christmas, we thought we would surprise her with a kitty of her own!!

I asked around and finally my friend Misty found us a kitten that was still in Cedar City after Christmas. We went to the shelter and he was absolutely perfect! They told us he had a little hissing problem, but that's easily fixable. We got him and brought him home. And the best part is that when we got him home, he hasn't hissed except when Buddy (Aimee's dog) came.

Glade was so excited!! They wouldn't go near each other for the first two hours, but now they are inseperable.

He is about 3 months old, black and white, and he has these two freckles on his nose. He is adorable. We named him Ridley (Samus' arch enemy. Samus is our cat we got for our wedding my parents have now).

Glade and him play hide and seek, tag, and they take naps together.

She hates when he is put in a room without her when company comes over or something else, but she gets over it pretty quick once he's back in the open.

It was the most perfect gift we could have gotten her.

Glade and Ridley waiting for Blake to get home
Taking a nap

The night we got him. He is super cuddly and she just loved to look at him

She fell asleep in his carrier!! It was pretty funny

We have his cat food and litter box in the bathroom with the gate up, and while he was eating she climbed up the gate to watch and giggle at him. Needless to say, we have turned the gate around so she can't climb on the bar

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  1. It was so cute to see her with the cat! I am so glad she has a little friend.