Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Kentucky Derby

My family has always watched the 3 horse races with a LOT of enthusiasm every year. It starts with the Derby (May 2 this year), then it goes to the Preakness (May 16 this year), then the Belmont (June 13 this year).

Even when we were in Germany we didn't miss this race. It came on at about midnight, but we watched it!

I missed the races last year because I worked at the girl's home, and this year it started after I got off, which is competely awesome.

So, to understand the awesomeness of this event, I need to kind of explain my family.

You know how people get excited about the Super Bowl and then NFL draft? We are like that with the races. We are always finding out the current standings of the horses and riders, and the second pictures comes out we have to skim those over because you can't root for an ugly horse ;).

This year a horse died, and 3 were taken out of the race for hurt ankles (one of which was one of the ones I wanted to win). All before the actual race! It was crazy.

SO, before the race starts, you have to stand and sing the song, then you watch the horses walk to the gate. This is where you pick your favorite horse. Now, my mom and I always pick the prettiest horse to win. My dad normally goes with the favorite, and I don't really think Clint cares.

My mom and I were rooting for #12, General Quarters. He was a gorgeous gray. His owner is a retired school principal and trained and raised the horse himself. Which is really cool! I so hoped he would win!

Well, they posted, and Glade climbed on her rocking horse and got ready for the gates to open. The minute they opened, she was running along with the horses and just having a ball. I was getting super nervous because General Quarters was in 10th (out of 19 horses).

Finally, the last stretch came. Every favorite and amazing horse choked. And the worst horse on the entire track, in so far as stats, broke ahead and was a good 30 feet in front of the show horse! (Win is first, Show is second, and Place is third).

It was absolutely amazing to see this! This horse is a nobody. His odds were 50 to 1 (if you bet on him, you made a LOT of money). His owner bought him for $9000 dollars, which is absolutely nothing considering you can get a "champion" horse for about a million. And he won the Kentucky Derby by a LONG shot.

On the top of the post is the horse, Mine the Bird, with his jockey, Calvin Borel. As you can see, it isn't a very pretty horse. But man, I am kicking myself for not betting $10 on him ha ha.


  1. That is cool that your family has a fun tradition with the Kentucky Derby. I always wanted to go so I could get a fancy hat!

  2. How fun!! One of my friends just went to a horse race! I think it would be sooo much fun to see in person! I'm glad you had so much fun, what an awesome tradition!

  3. That sounds like such a fun tradition! Who needs the super bowl, anyway!