Monday, April 27, 2009


So, this last month has been crazy.

The beginning of the month we (me and Glade) went to my parent's house to help them lay their sod in their backyard. I had to work, so we got there LONG after they were finished. We hung out with my parents, my brother, his friend Wes, Levi and his fiancee Shakeara. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday, we went to Calf Creek to hike to the lower falls. It is only about a 5 mile hike, but it is in sand, so it felt a LOT longer. My dad and I carried Glade (my dad more than me) and eventually she fell asleep with her head on top of his riding on his shoulders. It was really cute.

Glade and I came home Sunday night and it was good to be home and rest.

Last week, we went back to my parents because my dad was called as the 1st counsellor in the Bishopbric. It was such a great day! We were only able to stay for church, but it was so cool to see my dad get called and then have Blake and Clint stand in the circle to ordain him. It was really neat.

Then this last weekend, we went back over for my dad's "Older Than Dirt" 50th party. We played the Newliwed Game, and ate cake, and Glade had a ball with all the attention she got. Saturday we drove past Escalante and drove to Wayne Ct and over Hog's Back. It was a great drive. On top of the mountain, we ran into snow, and stopped by the sign that tells you the elevation, but it was covered in snow, so Clint got out, climbed the pole, in 20 degree weather, with no jacket and wiped the snow off. It was so funny.

When we got home we played horseshoes in my parents backyard (thank goodness for grass!) and it was a lot of fun. We watched a movie and then left Sunday morning to be back at church.

All in all, it was a SUPER eventful month!


  1. I bet your parents have LOVED getting to see so much of Glade. It sounds like you guys had lots of fun.

  2. I have I told you lately how badly I am frightened by Clint sometimes? Yeah. Tell him to get dressed before he goes outside!