Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Most Terrifying Thing That Can Happen To a Parent

In February, I wrote the post about the second most terrifying thing. Today, the first happened to me.

Darryl, Rachelle, and Teagan came down for a few days, and today before they left we went to St. George for In 'N Out Burger and Barnes and Noble.

While we were in Barnes and Noble, Glade was running around having a good time, and Blake and I would take turns following her around.

Well, right before we were about to leave, Blake walks over and Glade comes with him. She keeps following him down one of the aisles, but he thought she had stayed with me. Neither of us thought much of it.

As Rachelle went to pay, I turned to Blake and Glade was nowhere to be found. She was gone.

We searched around the entire store. And Barnes and Noble is in the mall, so I was terrified she had left the store and was roaming the mall by herself.

Blake and I met up after we searched everything. Neither of us had Glade. Darryl then started to help, and Rachelle went around asking if anyone had seen Glade.

We decided to search once more, and she was nowhere on my route. Then I turned and saw Blake coming out of the kids book section with her. I was so relieved I couldn't even believe it.

When I had checked the kids place before, I hadn't seen her. Blake found her in a corner with a book open, just sitting and reading.

Now I guess I know that I should look in corners to find my run away daughter.


  1. That was SO scary! I did have to laugh when she was found just quietly reading a book. It was so fun seeing you guys this week! She is adorable and it was lots of fun seeing Teagan and Glade play together.

  2. Oh nice!! I just got your comment on my blog this morning, and now saw that you're in So. Utah! We're actually moving to Hurricane in about 3 weeks, where I will pick up my midwifery practice. Are you apprenticing under anyone right now?

  3. Just a regular home birth practice. :) I'm eventually going to be looking for an apprentice/assistant too, so let me know if/when you get to that point and if you're interested!