Monday, May 12, 2008


What can I say? It is the hardest job I have ever had. You are on your feet constantly. It is only about a six hour shift, but it feels like fifteen. Every table thinks they are the most important and that you are there to only serve them. You run back and forth from table to the kitchen getting drinks and sides and putting in orders and then you get a two dollar tip.....

And it is not only getting the lousy tip. All night, they are raising their hand at you, or pulling on your apron strings, or snapping for your attention. You rush to their table to give them what you want, but of course the minute you get there, they go on their cell phone. So you have to stand there until they are off while other tables are waiting for their food and other things. I just don't think that they understand how much work it is to wait tables.

You never have a chance to think. You are running around like a crazy person while smiling the whole time. Sometimes you just want to shove that two dollar tip right back into their mouth....


  1. I could nevere be a waitress!! I have NOOOOOOOO patience and I seriously wouldnt make any money on tips because I get an attitude too easily!!!!!

  2. Serving the general public can be hell. I feel for ya.

  3. I HEAR YOU!! I wait tables on the weekends. It is a lot of work!

    I wandered over from Baby Making Machine. You look SO familiar to me. Do you mind me asking where you went to high school?