Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scrubbies for Dishes!

I use this for my dishes, it cleans out cups soooo well, but I've also seen them used as loofas in the shower. However you want to use them, have at it!


2 – 2 0z. Balls of Lily Sugar’n Cream

Size “J” hook


- This pattern takes a surprisingly large amount of yarn.

- As you increase, the stitches will begin to fold in on themselves and the puff will form and become more and more dense.

- If you find that the puff is getting more solid than you would like, you might consider using only 5 dc in ea dc in Rnd 3.


Ch 40, sl st in first ch

Rnd 1: ch 3, work as many dc in 1st ch as possibly (try for at least 20), join w/ sl st to 3rd beg ch

Rnd 2-3: ch 3, 5 dc in same st, 6 dc in ea dc around, join w/ sl st to 3rd beg ch

Finish off and weave in ends.

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