Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...

This ends the crapfest that has been my blog updating lol.

So, today we decided to set up our tree!!!! Yay!!

We only have a little 5 foot one, and with the cats and Glade we figure it would be best to keep it off the floor a little so we put it on Glade's table. Not that that has helped at all haha.

But in my family, our tradition is to have the presents be the decoration around the house, and you do a winter village under the tree. A couple years ago my parents got me my first houses and people for my village and we were able to set them up for the first time this year!

I am soooooo excited at how good it looks!!

Glade even helped me put the books under it for hills and put the snow on. She was so excited that she is old enough to help it just makes me smile. She knows not to touch the houses and people, but loves to just stare at them and pretend they are talking to each other. She is just growing up too fast.

So, welcome to Christmas at the Pearson home!

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