Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh, how time flies!

I have really been sucking with my posts lately... well, this will make up for the last few months.

To start off, in May, for Memorial day, Glade went and spent the weekend with my parents. She had a BLAST! She definitely wasn't happy to be home..

Well, the next weekend, she went up North with Blake's parents. She had tons of fun at the wedding and reception, plus she got to see her Teagan. And she was even less happy to be home from that... she was so spoiled she wouldn't walk from the couch to the fridge 5 feet away lol.

Two weeks later, Rachelle went to Moab and almost had to cancel, but I so *awesomely* volunteered to watch Teagan. Pam and Ray were driving down through to Cali on Thursday, so they brought Teagan with them.

Him and Glade had TONS of fun. Thursday was the Summer Games opening, and Blake had to work, so I walked him and Glade over to Brenda's and hung out with them all day haha. We walked around, made a mess out of their apartment, they fed me, and we got to watch the fireworks from right across the street from where they are. They were SUPER loud.

Then, this last weekend, we had Glade's second birthday party. She won't turn two till tomorrow, but my cousin is having his wedding tomorrow, so last weekend was the perfect time. We had it at my parent's house, and had an absolute blast! Their house and yard look awesome, and everyone had a great time.

After the party, everyone but us, my parents and brother, and Darryl, Rachelle, and Teagan went home. We all decided to stay the weekend and go hiking on Sunday. Saturday evening we listened to my mom play her Accordian, and then we played Crocket (sp??) in their backyard, which was definitely an experience haha.

Sunday, we went hiking in Bryce and then went to dinner at the Pines. It was TONS of fun!!

I know this is kind of a summary of a post, but it has caught you up haha. I am going to get pictures soon to post, so I will post them when I get them!!

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  1. We had SO much fun! Thanks for watching Teagan and for the awesome weekend in Henrieville. It was a blast.